Posters & Pages & Guilds o my!

Hi All!

We have been busy over the last few weeks getting everything under way to make sure ShepparCon 2017 is as fantastic as we can make it!

Board Game Geek

Are you a fellow Geek? If you are, swing over to our Board Game Geek Guild and join in the fun! If you’re not, it’s never too late! BoardGameGeek is not only the largest board game database on the internet but also a really great community, join in and you will see 🙂


ShepparCon 2017 Poster

We have also set up a ShepparCon Facebook Page! Help spread the word and give us that big blue thumbs up! We will shortly create an official event for ShepparCon 2017 for everyone to jump on board!


A little bird told me that word sent via wing can travel far and wide, so we have set up a Twitter @ShepparCon! I would write more but I have to get used to this 140 character limi…


Lastly, we have a shiny new logo and flyer to welcome the coming of ShepparCon 2017!! A big thank you to everyone involved in putting them together, they came up great. Be on the lookout for it around town or at your nearest board game convention!