A Wager on Wits!

As the sun set on Saturday at last year’s ShepparCon, a group of 40 or so people gathered in the Piano Bar to take part in a large-scale Wits and Wagers game. Wits and Wagers is a trivia game, published by North Star Games. It asks obscure questions, and then allows teams to bet on the answers they think are correct. This means that there’s a chance of scoring points for the team, even if you get the answer wrong! 

In 2018 six teams faced off for glory, and the questions, probing the strange recesses of game related trivia, took everything from the participants as they struggled mightily for first place. There was laughter aplenty, and a rousing good time was had, as teams struggled to recall or guess the number of doors that came in the classic dungeon crawl HeroQuest, or the birth year of famed French game designer Bruno Faidutti.

Wits and Wagers returns in 2019, with a set of new questions cunningly squirreled out from the hidden corners of the board gaming world. Like last year, Wits and Wagers is a participation game that will take place on the Saturday night in the Piano Bar, and will kick off at 9pm. If you are interested in games, good times, or just love trivia, it is well worth jumping in and checking out. Teams will be organised as the event starts, so individuals are absolutely invited to come along and join in.

In 2018 we used a variation of the rules from the game: Wits and Wagers Family Edition, and we will be doing the same this year. Every question has an answer that is a number, and the closest number to the correct answer (without exceeding the answer) is the winner. Each team will also have two meeples that they will allocate to any of the answers. Points are scored for a winning answer, and for each meeple placed on the winning answer. At the end of ten questions, the team with the highest amount of points will gain glory, fame, and the adulation of all, well, glory at least.

So what’s the point of this article? Where am I going with it? The answer is simple: As the sun sets on Saturday eve at this years ShepparCon, you (yes, you), are cordially invited to join in the antics and fun of what is becoming our annual Wits and Wagers game, the game kicks off at 9pm!

Glory awaits! Fame and adulation may vary!