The Damsel’s Tale

With ShepparCon fast approaching we thought it was high time we updated you on some of the events we have planned for the weekend.

Alex Wynnter from Red Genie Games (The Brigade) will be running a tournament with his latest game, The Damsel’s Tale, coming to Kickstarter in the 25th June.

Damsels tale banner 1

The Damsel’s Tale is an asymmetrical game for two players. One playing a sneaky knight trying to steal a crown, the other a frightened dragon pup trying to stop the theft!

The more you play the better you get. The Damsel’s Tale only has 12 cards to learn. It’s quick and easy to play, and a full game can run in under 15 minutes.

Featuring gorgeous illustrations by Senitra. The Damsel’s Tale comes in a beautiful book box with magnetic clasp, and custom shaped and printed wooden meeples. The Kickstarter campaign will include the chance to unlock new personalities to play the game with.

Damsels tale banner 2


The tournament, held at 10:00am Sunday morning at ShepparCon and will run over 4 rounds over an hour. Each participant will have a turn each playing the knight and dragon. Points will be awarded for each win, the person with the highest points wins.
You can pre-register your interest for the event at the check in table or just turn up on the day.

The winner will receive a copy of Black Orchestra and a copy of Damsel’s Tale (once it is produced, planned to be January 2020.) courtesy of Red Genie Games.

Damsels tale 3