Make Friends, Play Games

Hey hey board game fans! With the Albury-Wodonga crew wrapping up another successful BorderCon over the Queens Birthday long weekend, ShepparCon is the next convention on the Victorian Boardgame Circuit!

With only 10 days to go, we have been bustling around to make sure ShepparCon is the best it can be!

In doing so we have taken on-board the feedback we received last year and will be holding social games on Friday and Saturday evening from 8pm.

We have a number of games currently on rotation including:

Each evening we will put out a call for anyone looking to play then pick a game or 3 to teach and play with everyone.

These games will be available in the library to play throughout the weekend too.

Additionally we will be running a board game themed version of Wits and Wagers on Saturday from 9pm. Participants will be divided into 6 teams with the winning team getting to select from our expansive prize pool on Sunday afternoon!

As with last year we have a number of door prizes and participation prizes for anyone taking part in organised play! Check out some of what’s been donated below!

2018Prizes1  2018Prizes2
A huge thank you to Gamelyn Games, Starling Games, Sparkworks, Grail Games, Wizkids, Fox Tale Games and Module-R Terrain for donating prizes!

Remember tickets are on sale at

Until next update, happy gaming from the GV Gamers Guild Crew 🙂