Fun with Flags!

I hope everyone is getting excited, with ShepparCon less than 2 weeks away!

Whether this is your first convention or you are a seasoned veteran, we have compiled some information for you, as you make your way on this quest.


Fun With FlagsAre you looking for others to quest with? or maybe your party is unsure how to defeat the foe on the table in front of you. Look no further than the Flags of ShepparCon.

In keeping with the other board game conventions across Victoria, we have gone with Green Triangles to indicate that you are looking for more players to join your quest. Where Red Rectangles indicate that you are after someone to help teach the game or at least get you on your feet.

You will find the flags up on the games table. We ask that you return the flags when you have got what you are after so others can make use of them.

Learn to Play

matt2If you are new to board games and would like to be lead by a true master, our good friend and event co-organiser, Matt will be teaching Through the Ages and Mice and Mystics over the weekend. Matt had the following to say about these exciting titles:

Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization (Saturday after Lunch)

I’m looking forward to teaching the new edition of Through the Ages. It’s quickly becoming my favourite game, and for me, is the quintessential “civilisation” board game. Such a precarious juggle of resources of time, tech and strength amongst others; but it can be a wild ride if learning from the book so I would like to help some fellows gamers along the path to world conquering glory!

Mice and Mystics (First thing Sunday)

I love a good story and when a board game builds a world inside a story, it’s just a pleasure to dive in. Mice and mystics has the added benefit of doing for families what Descent or Gloomhaven or Dungeons and dragons does for adults.
I welcome the opportunity to introduce some eager adventurers to the fantastic world where mice are the true heroes!

Board Game Libraries

Firstly, we have a collection of home grown games courtesy of the Tabletop Game Designers Australia (TGDA) library. In no particular order:

• Dreary Hamlet
• Cogz
• Monstrous
• Rise to Power
• Professor Pugnacious
• El Luchador Fantastico Grande
• Robots and Rockets
• Monster Town
• Tavern Fame
• Town Squares
• Remarkable Rhymes and the Travelling Times
• Entropy 1st Edition
• Viewpoint
• Viewpoint Reflections
• Nija Dojo Fight
• No Fish
• Burger Up
• Polyhero Dice and Knight Fight
• Survive the Card Game

Secondly, our friends at PAX Australia Tabletop have been kind enough to lend us their Hot Games Library. Again in no particular order we have:

• Karuba
• London Dread
• Black Orchestra
• Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft
• 4 Gods
• The Networks
• Terraforming Mars
• Lorenzo Il Magnifico
• New Bedford
• Just Chocolate
• Knit Wit
• Hootie Cutie
• Hop!
• Cosmic Pioneers
• Animals on Board
• A Feast for Odin
• UNFair
• Hit Z Road
• The Dragon & Flagon
• Oracle of Delphi
• Ice Cool
• Guilds of London
• Cottage Garden
• Pharaoh’s Gulo Gulo
• Dice Stars
• In the Name of Odin
• Shadow Rift
• Joking Hazard
• Moonquake Escape

The committee will also be bringing games from our libraries and we encourage attendees to bring games from their own collections for others to experience as well.
All we ask is that you label your games so you can identify them and please respect all games as if they were your own.

Join our discussion on what you want to play over on Board Game Geek and we look forward to gaming with you all in less than 2 weeks 🙂