Tumblin’ Fun!

Hello Happy Gamers!

ShepparCon is fast approaching and I’m sure you are interested in what events we have on offer.

Today we are happy to announce a new tournament we are running!

This year we will have a pop-in Tumblin’ Dice competition running throughout the convention!

TumblinDiceReverseTumblin’ Dice is a dexterity dice game where players slide, roll, or flick their dice down the stepped platform. The lower you land the more points you get, but fall off the platform and that dice scores nothing.

We are very lucky to have a beautiful, hand crafted Tumblin’ Dice set attending Shepparcon, owned by  committee member Matt and made by one of our ShepparCon Little Helpers Juzzo.

For the competition, we will have 4 to 8 players at a time playing against each other, each player receives 4 six-sided dice, a 10 sided dice, and a 20 sided dice.

You may roll your dice in any order and can use your dice to knock others dice (or yours) further down the platform.

After everyone has rolled their dice, you score points equal to the number face up on your dice multiplied by the level it lands on (lower levels worth more points). So a eight on level three is worth 24 points.


We will have a final on the Sunday and the winners will get to pick a prize from our prize pool. As with last year, we will also have a few random draw participation prizes!

We have also been featured on the Greater Shepparton Events Page! A huge thank you to the Shepparton Council for their continued support.

Hope you are all getting as excited as we are, only 40 days to go!

Tickets are available at ShepparCon2018.eventbrite.com.au

And until next time, Happy gaming from the GV Gamers Guild Crew 🙂