Demolition Derby!

Hey ho Gamers!

As ShepparCon 2018 approaches, we thought we take the time to let you know about some of the things that will be on offer this year! Last post we wrote about the Tumblin’ Dice Competition that will be running over the weekend. This time we are talking about Gaslands!

Gaslands2Gaslands: the madcap, octane-fuelled, nitro-boosted racing game from Osprey Games and designer Mike Hutchinson. Gaslands is a post-apocalyptic auto-duelling game, a little like Mad Max or Death Race.

Players take to the starting grid in their kit-bashed cars, replete with machine guns and oil droppers, and duke it out for first place by crossing the finishing line, blowing up their rivals, or even better: both.

Committee member and minis gamer Giles will be running 3-4 Gasland Death Races over the course of the weekend and will be providing everything needed to play including the awesome minis you see here!

Gaslands3Each game, up to 6 people can take a car and see who has the daring to make the finish line. Games should last between 30-60 minutes and all you need to bring is yourself!

Strap yourselves in and be prepared to ride immortal, shiny and chrome!

Tickets are available at

And until next time, Happy gaming from the GV Gamers Guild Crew 🙂