Competition Time!

As if you need more of an excuse to play board games at a board game convention, we have not one but TWO themed competitions this year.

AgricolaFor the first theme, we have decided to stick to what we know in the Goulburn Valley: FARMING.
That is, any board game where the primary objectives are to manage farmland for the purposes of growing crops and/or tending to livestock. Games such as Agricola, Puerto Rico, Catan, and Viticulture to name a few.

EclipseThe Second theme is out of this world. Literally. The final frontier: SPACE!
For this theme, any board game set in space will fit the bill. Games such as Alien Frontiers, Terraforming Mars, Galaxy Trucker, Eclipse and Eminent Domain.

Both competitions will be run autonomously: once you complete a game that qualifies, fill in a score card and drop it in the appropriate box. At 5pm sharp on Sunday 11th June we will collect the boxes, tally the results, and announce the winners!

3 points will be awarded to the winner of each game, and 1 point to everyone else who participated.

The prizes for each competition will of course be drum roll please a board game! For your private reserve.

Head over to Board Game Geek to chat about what games you will bring or games you want to play for the competitions, you never know, someone might be able to bring it along!

Tickets are selling at a steady rate so get in now to beat the rush if you haven’t already and we will see you there 🙂